The philosophy of Austin Weddings by Vintage&Lace is to help you plan, coordinate, or design your wedding needs so you can enjoy every moment of your wedding experience!

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The philosophy of Vintage&Lace is to provide top quality wedding services at affordable prices to meet your unique needs.

Our experience, professionalism, and intimate knowledge of local venues and vendors allows us to handle all the wedding day details with ease.  Our job is to make sure that you have the freedom to relax and enjoy one of the most memorable occasions of your life.

Some couples today still perceive hiring a professional wedding planner as a non-mandatory item on the wedding checklist.  However, after years of experience, we know that it is necessary if you truly want to have a smooth, relaxed, and carefree experience on your wedding day.

Frequently couples rely on a friend or family member to do the majority of the wedding day planning and coordinating.  while this seems like a good idea in principle, it often proves difficult for that friend or relative to enjoy the day, be there for the bride and groom, and celebrate the moment.  We aim to eliminate this problem by demonstrating to couples the value of hiring a wedding planner and the great gift it is to themselves and their loved one to have someone else responsible for timing and events.

It is not often that couples say "I really didn't need that wedding coordinator."  However, it is quite common to hear "I really wish I would have hired a wedding coordinator."  We encourage everyone to invest in the moment and hire a professional wedding planner.  You won't get those valuable memories back.

When hired, we view it as our personal responsibility to make sure your day is not spent answering questions, telling others where to go, and worrying about the details - let that be our job.  It is our philosophy to make your memories of you wedding day be filled with happiness, joy, and love - not a To-Do List.

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