Vintage&Lace is a wedding planning and coordinating partnership based in Austin, Texas.

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Vintage [vin-taj]

1. an exceptionally fine element of the past expressing eternal and everlasting quality

Lace [leys]

1. an ornamental, delicate adornment used to interlace or draw together two things into a close, intimate union

Vintage&Lace is a wedding planning, coordinating, and designing partnership created by Heather Sorensen and Rachael Halpern - lovers of vintage-modern fashion, wedding enthusiasts, and best friends.  Heather lives in Austin, Texas and works on unique, local weddings; whereas Rachael spends her days on the Big Island of Hawaii specializing on Hawaii Destination Weddings.

Both provide a variety of top quality wedding services that go beyond the norm to create truly exceptional wedding celebrations.  Our offerings are customized specifically to your individual wedding needs.

As a partnership, we consult with one another sharing ideas and experiences so we can learn from each other and help you and your fiance create the most beautiful wedding day!  We are a small team and only take a limited number of weddings per year so we can provide our clients with exceptional service; we add a personal touch for each individual we are privileged to work with.  Also, when you hire one of us, it is like hiring two wedding planners for the price of one!

The definitions of Vintage and Lace above are the inspiration for our name.  A wedding should have a timeless quality that remains beautiful for generations to come - vintage.  It should also reflect the delicate bond that is created between two people when the choose to wed - lace.  May your wedding and marriage be filled with Vintage&Lace!  Congratulations!

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